Gosiora Greens N Grains

Welcome to Gosiora

Gosiora Greenz&Grainz is a healthy food store that sets out to retrace our food habits and choices to our roots, which is mostly plant-based diets, consumed before the advent of pesticides, herbicides and food modification. 

Our ultimate goal at Gosiora is to "Root for the Roots. We go the extra mile to avail our clients regular access to organic grains and greens (plant based produce) mostly sourced from the African continent. The quality of our product is as important as the price, and only the best grains and products are sourced.

Why choose us?

We understand you really want to eat healthy but your schedule puts you under a time crunch. We don’t just make the food available, we ensure it’s accessible.

¬ Quality organic grains

¬ Healthy and natural food products

¬ Ship to your doorstep

¬ Provide access to bulk and retail purchase

¬ Hygienic processing and packaging that preserves the natural state of our food

¬ Your one-stop-shop for organic and natural products



We offer you a variety of well packaged products and properly dried, for home use. With a unique seal designed for you.


We offer wholesale distributions to individuals or companies that purchase our product in bulk quantities. And it will be shipped directly to them.

Home Delivery

We offer delivery of our products both retail and wholesale to individuals or companies, anywhere in the world.